Testosterone Shown to Crush Diabetes

The diabetes treatment you need to know about

Testosterone. It’s what gives us men our get-up-and-go.

Our stamina, strength, and sex drive: none of this would be possible without testosterone.

What if I told you that it could also treat one of the biggest diseases around?

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have just wrapped up a revolutionary study that shows the health benefits of testosterone therapy on type 2 diabetes.

They’ve discovered that testosterone can do wonders for your insulin sensitivity.

The study looked at 94 men with type 2 diabetes. They gave some men testosterone, and they gave others a placebo. In men with low testosterone levels, the injections raised insulin sensitivity by a whopping 32%.

When you’ve got diabetes, insulin is a huge part of your life. If your body is resistant to insulin, there’s sugar piling up in your bloodstream and expanding your waistline.

Big Pharma’s response is to give you a pill that raises your insulin levels.

Frankly that’s absurd.

Your insulin levels are already high. And this pill isn’t going to bring up your insulin sensitivity. In fact, it’s been linked to obesity and impotence.

Testosterone therapy is proven to raise insulin sensitivity. If that’s not enough, it also trims your waist and revives your sex life.

The better choice seems obvious, right?

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of testosterone therapy, here’s what you can do.

Find out if you’re eligible. You might have low testosterone and not even know it. Do you feel tired or irritable? Have trouble concentrating? Are you not as strong as you used to be? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could qualify.

Be specific. This is your health we’re talking about. You don’t want synthetic hormones in your body. Tell your doctor you want the natural stuff. The docs call it bioidentical testosterone, and it’s both safer and more effective.

Choose your method. If you have diabetes, you’re probably pretty sick of injections. You don’t have to add another needle to your morning routine. You can apply a gel to your skin or simply wear a patch.

I’ve always recommended testosterone therapy to my patients. Now I’ve got another reason to share this miracle treatment with you.

If you want to fight diabetes while losing weight and having great sex, testosterone is the answer you’ve been looking for.